Andrew Paul Woolbright ·

Editor-at-Large Brooklyn Rail

Director and Curator of Below Grand 


2012-2014 MFA (Painting) Rhode Island School of Design

2010-2011 School of the Art Institute Chicago


Solo and 2 Person Exhibitions:

2023 (Forthcoming) Rachel Uffner Gallery

2020 David Casini and Andrew Woolbright. Galerie Valeria Cetraro. Paris, FR

2019 Expresso Your Depresso. ADA Gallery. Richmond, VA 

2017 Where the Tweets Turn Into Pearls. Yellow Peril Gallery. Providence, RI

2016 Love Amongst the Amaranth. University of Illinois. Springfield, IL

2015 The Biome of Heliogabalus. Second Chapter in The Shrinebeast Cycle. InSitu Works. Monterrey, Mexico.

2014 SHRINEBEASTS. Yellow Peril Gallery. Providence, RI


Group Exhibitions:

2022  Augurhythms. Hesse Flatow

Killer Cute. DeBoer Gallery

Subtle Subversions. Microscope Gallery

2021  Density Betrays Us. The Hole

2020   We Must Begin Wherever We Are. Zurcher Gallery. Linus Borgo, Anthony Cudahy, Shuria Davis, Erik Hanson, Dylan Hurwitz, Drew Kohler, Menika Lue, Laura Murray, Jamall Osterholm, Keisha Prioleau-Martin, Bony Ramirez, Ernesto Renda, Jacob Sorkin, Kathia St. Hilaire, Skye Volmar, Anna Weyant

A Romantic Comedy. Wallplay. Curated by Steven Pestana and Sophia Sobers

A Pearl Laser on the Gothic Holodeck. Coherent. Brussels, Belgium 

2019  Mountebank. Monaco. St. Louis, MO. Samantha Bittman, Brett de Palma, Lauren Fejarang, Jessica Gaddis, Kathy Goodell, Kyle Hittmeier, Kate McQuillen, Amanda Nedham, David Temchulla

Euphoric Flex. Baby Blue Gallery. Chicago, IL. Lauren Fejarang, Kathy Goodell, Daniel Herwitt, Alyssa Klauer, Maja Ruznic, Zach Seeger, Ben Charles Weiner

2018 We Gather Here Today. Dread Lounge. Los Angeles, CA

Menager/ie Unfolded. SRO Gallery. New York, NY. Lauren Fejarang, Daniel Giordano, Kathy Goodell, Julia Gutman, Calli Moore, Casey Jex Smith

Vicki and Friends. Vicki Projects. Brooklyn, NY

2017 Glenlily Grounds. Curated by Sardine BK. Newburgh, NY

2016 Analog Ram: The Return of Active Memory. Curated by Mary Lou Zelazny. The Research House for Asian Art. Chicago, IL

2015 Nothing But Flowers. Curated by Zach Seeger. Talking Pictures. Brooklyn, NY. Hilary Doyle, Rachel Grobstein, Amanda Kates, Tommy Mishima, Cathy Nan Quinlan, Evan Reehl Ryer, Zach Seeger

By Appointment Only. Yellow Peril Gallery. Providence, RI.

2014 Wanderers Above a Sea of Smog. Curated by Christian Berman. Katrina Van Tassel Projects. New York, NY. Sophia Narrett, Colette Robbins, Giordanne Salle

Hot Summer. DM Contemporary. New York, NY. David Aipperspach, Lyla Duey, Jessica Lundberg Vincent Marksohn, Youjin Moon

RISD MFA Thesis Show. Nancy Margolis Gallery. New York, NY. David Aipperspach, Amna Asghar, Lyla Duey, Kyle Hittmeier, Danielle Kiser, Tommy Mishima, Sophia Narrett, Amanda Nedham, Reesa Wood.

RISD MFA Thesis Show. Providence Convention Center. Providence, RI

2013 At Your Leisure. 111 Front Street Gallery. Brooklyn, NY

Ten-X. CCRI. Warwick, RI


Public Collections

RISD Museum. Providence, RI



2021:        Infra-loop: Selected Works of Kathy Goodell 1991-2020. The Dorsky Museum 

                 Dissecting the Cyborgian Swamp Thang. Super Dutchess. Justin Cloud, Naomi Nakazato, Emmett Metier, Alexander Ross, Randy Wray

Sworm: Balla Balaclava and the Shithead Baroque. Super Dutchess Gallery. ARTFORNOREASON, Vincent CY Chen, Jose A. Jimenez, Erik Probst, Dan Rizzo-Orr, Andrea Santos, Danilo Stojanovic, Emma Thomas

                 Cartoon in a Cartoon Graveyard. Super Dutchess Gallery. Alex Kovacs, Fernando Pintado, Craig Taylor

2019:        Fortress of Solitude: A Dirty Hand Hologram for Umberto. Super Dutchess Gallery. Kajahl, Joe Bochynski, Roque Montez, Steven Pestana, Marisa Williamson, Marco Tulio Venegas

                 Euphoric Flex. Baby Blue Gallery. Lauren Fejarang, Kathy Goodell, Daniel Herwitt, Maja Ruznic, Zach Seeger, Andrew Woolbright Ben Charles Weiner,

                 The Commune. Michael Jones McKean. Super Dutchess Gallery

2018:        Drop Out. Super Dutchess Gallery. Barry Stone, Theodore Darst, Lauren Fejarang, Aks Misyuta, Nick Van Woert, Ben Charles Weiner

                 Innocence. Super Dutchess Gallery. Morgan Herrin, Greg Ito, Paul McMahon, and Emma Stern.

2017:        Unrecoverable File: Digital L’Informe. Lauren Fejarang, Anthony Giannini, Kathy Goodell, Cecilia Salama

                 Take Only What You Can Carry With You. Yellow Peril Gallery. Lauren Fejarang, Andrea Frank, Daniel Giordano, Kathy Goodell, Matt Harle, Matt Mahoney, Martin Smick

                 Cutting Room Floor: Artist/Editor. Amna Asghar, Michael Dotson, Charles Gute, Paul Weiner


Auctions, Fairs

2021 Untitled Art Fair, Miami with Ada Gallery

2015 Paddle 8 Auction for Chelsea Public Schools. Morgan Lehman Gallery. New York, NY

2014 SCOPE Art Fair. Miami, FL

2010 SOFA Chicago. Chicago, IL



2022 ArtMazeMag Issue 27

2021 Brooklyn Rail. Super Dutchess with Jason Rosenfeld: New Social Environment #265

Art and Education. On Divergent Art Education: A Case Study in Dark Study

Infra-Loop: Selected works of Kathy Goodell, 1994-2020.  SUNY Press

(writing) Two Coats of Paint. The “whorish porous” in the work of Angela Dufresne

(writing) "As a Matter of Survival": Dark Study on Marking Art School a Radical Refuge. Momus. 

(writing) "The Debt of Kitsch: The Debt of Kitsch: Undermining reification through the work of Joyce Pensato and Sun Yitan." Whitehot Magazine.

(writing) "Phantom Body: Weightless bodies, Avatars, and the end of skin." Whitehot Magazine.

(writing) "The Inevitable return to Dada? Might Delete Later at Essex Flowers. WideWalls

(writing)"Carolyn Case: Build Battle Sink." Two Coats of Paint. 

"Follow love stories at this massive exhibit coming to a Brooklyn manufacturing building." TimeOut New York.

"A Pearl Laser on the Gothic Holodeck."Artviewer

(writing) "Painting and the Anti-Oedipal Insurgency." Two Coats of Paint. February, 24 2020.

(curating) "Cartoon in a Cartoon Graveyard." Artviewer. February 16, 2020.

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Lectures, Residencies, Grants:

2023 Visiting Lecturer Sarah Lawrence University

Visiting Artist at SUNY Albany

2022 Visiting Artist at New York University

Visiting Artist at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Greenwoods 2058 Artist Residency

Sharpe Walentas Studio Residency

2021 Visiting Artist NARS Foundation 

2018 Wassaic Project Residency

2017 Panel Lecturer. “After graduation.” SUNY New Paltz. New Paltz, NY

Visiting Critic. SUNY New Paltz.

2016 Invited Artist. SUNY New Paltz marathon critique

Visiting Artist. University of Illinois-Springfield.

2015 Panel Lecturer. “The Future of Creativity.” North American Review, University of Northern Iowa. Cedar

Falls, IA

2012 Visiting Critic. University of Illinois-Springfield

Honorary Fellowship. Rhode Island School of Design



2023 School of Visual Arts Low Residency MFA Seminar

2022- Present Pratt Institute, NY. Senior Seminar, Sophomore Seminar

2021- Present Present School of Visual Arts, NY. Senior BFA Thesis I, Senior BFA Thesis II

2018- SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, NY. Adjunct Instructor. Figure Drawing, Basic Painting, Intermediate Painting, Contemporary Theory and Practices, Graduate Drawing, Advanced Drawing, Advanced Painting, Digital Painting

2016-2018 Union County College, Cranford, NJ. Adjunct Instructor. Introduction to Painting, Introduction to Drawing, Digital Imaging, Art Appreciation, Figure Drawing, Art History I

2014 Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI. Adjunct Instructor. Figural Abstraction.

Selected as Teaching Assistant for Craig Taylor, Advanced Painting (Juniors): Rhode Island School of Design

2013 Selected as Teaching Assistant for Shoshanna Dentz, Drawing II (Sophomores): Rhode Island School of Design

Selected as Teaching Assistant for Bill Miller, Color Theory/Foundation Painting (Sophomores): Rhode Island School of Design